Al Wadi & Pioneers Group of Engineering provides a wide range of professional services to the industry. We serve a diverse group of customers and available to take care of your well water drilling needs. We built on our reputation for providing experienced personnel with ultra modern equipment to ensure our clients the dependable and quality service they expect. Below is a list of all the services we offer.

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Our Services
  Site investigation.
  Planning of drilling vertical water wells projects for farms.
  Turnkey water wells projects.
  Drilling, testing, installing submersible pumps, riser pipes and switch boards, etc.
  Planning of water works and pumping stations.
  Well surveys, well inspection.
  Borehole testing and logging.
  Water assessment studies.
  Investigation of existing water wells.
  Groundwater exploration and management.
  Surveys and local examination for optimization of existing water works, pumping stations, distribution networks, water treatment plants and installations.
  Well reports including all field and laboratory tests.
  Recording of data in individual well check record.
  Individual water well maintenance plans for more economic well operation.
  Complete chemical and physical analysis of ground water.
  Verification and recording of results of water well rehabilitation by surveys, pumps test, water analysis, well logging, chemical analysis.
  Measurement of PH value, EC, Pressure, water/air temperature, etc.
  ISelection of the most suitable hydro mechanical well rehabilitation method.
  Sterilization of water wells.
  Restoration of water well, e.g. repair of damaged parts or well casing.
  Identification and evaluation of existing well capacity and efficiency.
  Measurement of verticality and alignment of water wells.
  Chemical and physical analysis of incrustation samples.

Al Wadi & Pioneers Group Rigs can carry our the following drilling methods and systems

  Conventional drilling (direct circulation drilling)
  Reverse circulation drilling
  Foam drilling
  Airlift drilling
  Mud drilling
  Percussion drilling
  Hammer drilling
  Core drilling
  Other drilling such as pilot, seismic, etc.
  Water assessment drilling and pump testing with data loggers

These methods and system drilling are to be used of the following purpose

  Water well supply
  Supply and install Steel/PVC casing and screen
  Supply and install submersible pumps
  Supply and install electrical panels, switch board , electric cables with pump dry protection
  Supply and install riser pipe and fittings
  Pumping of ground water
  Exploration wells
  Cathodic wells
  Earth wells
  Dry drilling
  Angular drilling
  Onshore drilling
  Pilling and angering drilling
  Oil wells conductor pipe and surface conductor casing drilling
  Oil well supply water well drilling
  Water assessment.

Also we can carry out the following water wells tests

  Development and clean water wells tests.
  Water well yield tests and open hole testes
  Water well continues discharge tests
  Water well recovery tests
  Water well constant rate discharge tests
  Water well step drawdown tests

The multiple purpose Al Wadi & Pioneers Group Rigs

  About ten (10) different drilling methods can be used with one Rig.
  Fast moving Rigs from site to other.
  Fast rigging up and rigging down.
  Fast change of drilling methods during one drilling task.
  Fast, quick and easy handling.
  CE standard that means conformity with international standards
  Bio-degradable hydraulic oil.
  Silent and easy operations
  High efficient hydraulic systems.
  Al Wadi & Pioneers group carried out water well drilling projects of different sizes (4” to 40”) and depths (100 feet-2000 feet) which selected by client.
  Al Wadi & Pioneers can drill by direct circulation, reverse circulation, foam drilling and any other drilling methods as required by client.


  Well drilling for water supply agricultural irrigation or site drainage.
  Exploratory drilling (test drill).
  Ground water measuring point.
  Water well maintenance.
  Soil sampling for soil mechanical investigations.
  Geological investigations.
  Geological and Hydrological investigations, e.g waste deposit or investigations of contaminated ground.
  Health, safety and environmental (HSE) drilling applications.

Water Well Drilling Rigs


We have fleet of Ten modern water well drilling Rigs, fully hydraulically operated, top head power drive and they are fully equipped with drilling accessories as follows:-

water drilling contractors

water well logging services





mobile well rigs


farms water drilling



water assessment-water monitoring


water well rigs-drilling services



well drilling- farm drilling-contarctos

conventional & reverse drilling

No. Made and Model Qty Depth Truck on drive Model-year of manufactuer
1 Ingersoll-Rand – USA T4W
2 2,000 feet   6 x 6 Ingersoll-Rand with sand   tires   1977, 1978
2 Driltech – USA D-40K
2 2,000 feet   6 x 6 CCC truck with sand tires   1992, 1986
3 Nordmeyer – Germany DSB-3/14 1 2,000 feet   6 x 6 Mercedes truck with sand   tires
4 Nordmeyer – Germany DSB-2/10 4 1,500 feet   4 x 4 Mercedes truck with sand   tires   2000, 1998, 1997,   1997
5 Agbo Rig - Germany 1 1,000 feet   4 x 4 Magirus truck with sand   tires   1978
6 1500 Speedstar - USA 1 500 feet Ford truck 1976
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