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About Us

Abu Dubai Drilling Contractors

Al Wadi & Pioneers group technically very capable to carry our any water well drilling project with the conventional drilling (direct circulation drilling), foam drilling and reverse circulation drilling as we carried thousands of wells for Abu Dhabi Municipality and Al Ain Municipality, National Drilling Company (NDC), Private Department of HH. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and their consultant GTZ in addition to wells developments, testing and as per tender and technical specification of project. Also we are registered with ADCO and ADNOC for drilling water wells. We are carry out drilling of different type of water wells as required for farms irrigation in all Areas of Emirate of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. As we are also drilling shallow water wells of depth +,- 600 ft at western region and we also drilling deep water wells of depth +,- 1500 ft at eastern region also we carried out very special projects such as blocking the salty zone by cement & steel casing to allow better water quality to be pumped from lower zones without interference of above salty zones.
Our multipurpose Rigs are available with all other accessories such as drill pipes, drill collars, Hammers, subs, stabilizers, bits, compressors, pumps, etc. therefore we can execute and carryout any drilling works, projects and tasks to the client satisfaction. In addition our man power such as Drilling Engineers, Drilling Superintends, Drilling Supervisors, Drillers, Asst. Drillers and skilled Labors have very long experience in Water Well Drilling fields.
Al Wadi & Pioneers group assist in the efforts of agriculture growing of U.A.E relying on the experience, capabilities, enthusiasm and honesty of its working staff that contributes to the progress and welfare of the country.

  | Heavy trucks, trucks with crane, water tankers, Pick ups, crozers, etc.
  | Drill pipes, Drill collars, Subs, Bits, Stabilizers, Hammers, etc.
  | Compressors and Generators various types.
  | Submersible pumps various types.
  | Water testing equipment, Submersible pumps, Flow meters, EC meters, PH, Temperature, Pressure probes and many type of sensors with data loggers, etc. for water assessment studies and evaluation.
  | Water well cementing units with it is hydraulic driven pumps, cement tanks and cement silos.
  water well rigs
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